About Slicker

We are the team behind Slicker, the modular payments infrastructure platform. Our mission is to empower payment flows for merchants and customers alike. We are a team with deep expertise in the payments space, having built core infrastructure across the stack. We have seen first-hand the complexity of scaling payments strategy all over the world. This is why we are building the platform to solve this - when every business is becoming a global business. But now is just the beginning - let’s partner together to build the future of payments!

Meet the founders

Dani headshot

Dani Penev
Co-Founder / CEO

Dani has years of payments experience, building global integrations at Stripe and Thought Machine. He has built payment rails across the stack for cards, bank transfers and local payment methods.

Ivan headshot

Ivan Valkov
Co-Founder / CTO

Ivan is an observability expert, having built monitoring and alerting systems at BlackRock and Improbable. He has vast machine learning experience from his time as a lead engineer at Seldon.

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