Slicker for Technology teams

One integration for all payments

The Slicker API is a single entry-point for all your payment service providers. Design and unify your funds flow based on your business needs. Our comprehensive AI solution handles provider discrepancies that require custom integrations.

Global by design

Slicker is designed with simplicity and extensibility in mind. Integrate with our API to accept simple payments or model comprehensive fund flows. The platform handles necessary transformations to cater for regional market and currency differences, so you get the power of a single integration everywhere.

Global technology
Integrating two technologies

Plug-and-play integrations

Slicker provides out of the box integrations for some of the most used global payment providers, and an extendable API for in-house solutions or other direct integrations.


Slicker uses state-of-the-art LLMs to enable dynamic integrations and data enrichment. Reduce development complexity and increase payment performance through custom insights relevant to your business line.

AI chip inside

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